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a weekend in polaroids.

Friday . . .  When the weather is nice, I have a little habit of picnicking on my lunch break.  There is a church nearby with lots of shady grass areas where I’ll lay out a blanket, eat my lunch, & maybe even take a little nap while enjoying the healthy breeze. Yesterday, accompanied by my favorite Kneader’s Turkey & Artichoke Panini on Focaccia, I did just that. & guys, it was absolutely lovely.  After work, Brandon & I spent some time perusing the aisles of Barnes & Noble downtown before trying out a local Thai restaurant called Sawadee – we ordered my all-time favorite coconut soup, Tom Kha Gai, & a huge helping of Yellow Thai Curry.  I highly recommend it!  Awesome atmosphere & amazing food. Yum.

Saturday . . .  Today has honestly been a perfectly wonderful day.  I’m feeling blessed & I had the opportunity today to pay off a bunch of random debts which has got to be the best feeling in the entire world!  This afternoon I wandered down to a place called M. Flores Carniceria y Abarrotes at about 500 W & 600 S in downtown Salt Lake City.  Since the farmer’s market doesn’t open until next week, I was trying to find a place to buy locally-grown fruits & veggies & other products & this place was so cool.  It’s basically an open warehouse containing meats, produce, & an assortment of other hispanic goodies.  The store serves mainly the Mexican community & everyone there was SO nice!  I got to try a tuna verde, a sweet, seedy, ugly, absolutely delicious little-known fruit & the cashier even showed me how to cut & peel them – seriously the cutest girl ever!  I also learned about a few other fruits, such as mamey (which I ended up buying in la Michoacana popsicle form!), & I bought some of the sweetest, juiciest mangoes I have ever eaten.

I drove around in my horribly hot car with the windows rolled down, dreaming of a fixed air conditioner, hanging out downtown before stumbling across the Capital City Antiques Mall. I’d been wanting to find a good shop in the city to explore & this one was huge!  I could hardly pick what to take home with me, but I finally came across that cute teapot & I couldn’t pass it up – logically, when will I ever need a teaset, you say? To all you naysayers, just be grateful I didn’t bring home the entire set, but rather just the teapot, two cups, & two matching saucers – though I very well may be returning soon.. After all, I also purchased a vintage Gloria Vanderbilt watch that I’m kind of excited about. If that’s simply a small taste of the great finds there, I’m hooked.

After I’d explored the ins & outs of the place, I headed up the street to Tony Caputo’s. This awesome market is full of artisan cheeses, meats, chocolates, & other cool products from Italy & Southern Europe. They also had some local items such as honey, caramels, & jams.  I ended up walking out of there with my bag full of manchego, homemade caramel, & a Bueno Bar.

Seriously, this has been a great weekend & it isn’t over yet! More adventures to come tomorrow, I hope! 🙂


{camera graphic c/o: Weeds & Wildflowers Design}

13 comments on “a weekend in polaroids.

  1. tobejoyful
    June 3, 2012

    Sounds like a fun weekend so far. I love your photos. My friend recently went to Salt Lake City and she was just telling me today has nice it is. She was very impressed by the core if the city.

    • jessbrianne
      June 3, 2012

      Thank you very much, it definitely has been a good weekend so far. I’m glad to hear that your friend was enjoying Salt Lake City! I’m from Seattle but I’ve really grown to love Utah!

  2. Beth
    June 3, 2012

    Hi Jess — thanks so much for visiting and “following” my blog. My husband and I drove all the way from Pensacola, FL recently to hike the Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce and to visit Salt Lake City and hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir do their Sunday broadcast. What an experience! We fell in love with spectacular Utah and its people. We spent 3 days in Salt Lake and walked all over the place. Your new City Creek is nifty.

    You have an absolutely charming blog.

    • jessbrianne
      June 4, 2012

      Wow Beth, that is quite the drive! Although I LOVE Zion’s NP, I have not had the opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon or even Bryce just yet – although I am really hoping to visit soon! I’m always up for a good road trip, so I suppose I should just make it happen 😉 Thank you for your comments about Salt Lake City! The Choir is also a really neat experience, I’ve always really enjoyed that. City Creek is beautiful and has brought a great amount of revenue to Salt Lake, as well as adding a whole new level of social/shopping! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on this post, it means a whole lot – I hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. Kristin
    June 3, 2012

    Sounds so fun! I kind of want to do exactly everything you did…like tomorrow. Except we have work. Bleh. Well maybe we can just talk about it and I’ll live it through you. Sound good? See you bright and early!!!

    • jessbrianne
      June 4, 2012

      Kristin – it really was so fun! I feel like I did a lot of things this weekend that I had been wanting to do for a while – it was just great 🙂 Don’t laugh, if you read this right now. I may be sitting 10 feet from you right now. 15 tops. Long time no see!

  4. mrbsure
    June 5, 2012

    Very nice!!
    Looks like a very ideal weekend!

    • jessbrianne
      June 6, 2012

      Thanks Graham! I loved it, it was a really great weekend for sure. 🙂

      • mrbsure
        June 8, 2012

        🙂 Cool, and while you were doing that I looked like a TWIT dressed up as Jonny Rotten:)x

  5. mike and brandy
    June 11, 2012

    great photos… thanks for sharing…

  6. crazygoangirl
    July 26, 2012

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Love your idea of picnicking during lunch hour…am envious coz I live in the world’s most crowded city, Bombay, India and picnic spaces are almost non-existent here 😦 Love the pics! I love to take pictures myself and just recently have become addicted to Instagram on my iPhone! Like your style and am a follower! Cheers!!

    • jessbrianne
      August 6, 2012

      I apologize for taking such a long time to respond to you! Although I do love my picnic spaces, I would love to visit India someday. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! 🙂

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